Triple Threat

Joe Santaromita is a multi-tasker. His two most important tasks are flying for a living and participating in triathlons for good health. Joe takes advantage of Pacific Health’s product portfolio to help him achieve the most in both his professional and recreational activities.

To help protect his eyesight and reduce the increased glare associated with bright light at high altitudes, Joe uses Claroxan™ once daily. Joe also uses Lurosil™ to protect his knees and Corduzin™ to improve his endurance. It must be working, because at 40 years old, Joe posted an impressive time of 7:23:41 at the 2005 Ironman Florida Half triathlon at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando.

Joe has dubbed the use of Claroxan™, Corduzin™ and Lurosil™ together as the “Triple Threat.” That’s because the three tiered product system targets three areas crucial for his activities: diminished eyesight, lack of endurance and sore knees.

Call right now, and when you buy Claroxan™ at regular price, Corduzin™ and Lurosil™ are available for 50% off the MSRP. Make sure to ask for the “Triple Threat!”


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