Standard formula for eye health and visual performance suppport*
Soothes and lubricates dry eyes, relieves redness
Standard formula for eye health and visual performance suppport*
Soothes and lubricates dry eyes, relieves redness
Standard formula for eye health and visual performance suppport*
Soothes and lubricates dry eyes, relieves redness
Standard formula for eye health and visual performance suppport*
Soothes and lubricates dry eyes, relieves redness
Standard formula for eye health and visual performance suppport*
Soothes and lubricates dry eyes, relieves redness
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Optimis7™ EYE DROPS
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Optimis7™ is an eye drop designed for professionals who rely on their eyesight to succeed.

Optimis7™ lubricates the eyes and prevents redness and irritation.
Pilots, aviation medical examiners, law enforcement officers and ordinary folks everywhere trust OPTIMIS7™ to help keep their eyes in shape!
These medical grade eye drops lubricates eyes instantly!
An airplane cabin is kept at 7% humidity during flight, which is dryer than the Sahara Desert. Pilots trust Optimis7™ eye drops to keep their eyes lubricated and less irritated!
We've shipped 250,000+ health related
orders over a 18 year period.
We are a small business that specializes in serving innovative health products to highly-specific niche markets. Over 40,000 aviation and shooting professionals have trusted us to help them take care of their eyes. We take pride in helping them continue doing what they love to do!
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OPTIMIS7™ is GREAT for...
Here are some of the things Claroxan® customers continue to do with crisp, clear eyesight.

Continue enjoying these activities and maximize the longevity of your career and hobbies with OPTIMIS7™!
Shooting Trap
Keep Targets In Focus
Enjoy trapshooting even more with ingredients to support visual factors that are important for excelling in the sport.*
Flying Planes
Pass Your Medical
Keep your eyes in tip top shape and continue passing the vision portion of the aviation medical exam.*
Hitting Baseballs
See the Ball, Hit the Ball
Pick up, lock in and focus on moving objects with precision and accuracy.*
Here are some things pilots
need to consider and how it relates
Visual acuity is an asset pilots can't afford to lose. Claroxan® launched in 2003 and first entered the aviation moarket in 2005. We have been helping pilots keep their eyes in shape ever since!
Neural and Visual Processing Speed
It is so incredibly important for a pilot to be able to glance down quickly and bring their head back up and have their eyes adjust quickly. In IMC, you want to be able to drop your eyes to the approach plate, gather information quickly and get back to your scan.
Eye Endurance
Flying is tough on the eyes. In addition to the several scans that you are doing during the flight, at altitude on clear days or above the clouds, you are dealing with thinner air and fewer atmospheres which allows more UV light exposure to the inside of the eye. Studies have shown Macular Pigment Optical Density is
important for the filtering of damaging UV light.
Halos and Night Vision
Flying at night near an airport environment can be light intensive. Un-natural lighting can cause some unfortunate effects to your vision. Halos that appear around the light source and spread out. This unwanted glace obstructs your vision and reduces your reaction time. Halos are caused by light being scatted around the eye. It could come from cataracts bouncing the light around or your central vision not being able to collect and focus the light effectively. You don’t want halos appearing around a VASI or PAPI on a critical night approach.
Shooters Understand how OPTIMIS7™
Relates to Shooting
Precision and Accuracy
In 2003 the Claroxan® brand changed the way hunters, shooters, and law enforcement officers viewed nutrition and eye health by communicating how certain nutrients support certain structures and functions in the eye.
Clear Sight Picture
The need for a clear and accurate sight picture is universal. While it is alright for the rear sight or even the target to become a little blurred during the process of aiming, your front site needs to stay crystal clear in order to achieve the optimal sight picture. You can master the breathing, you can perfect the trigger squeeze, but all is lost if you can’t lock onto your sight picture. As the saying goes, the weapon is only as accurate as the individual aiming it.
Shoot Longer with Less Eye Fatigue*
Shooting is demanding on our eyes. Glassing, scanning and aiming can cause a significant amount of eye fatigue. Accuracy should never be compromised. That's why you need OPTIMIS7™. Studies suggest ingredients in OPTIMIS7™ may help reduce symptoms of eye fatigue.*
Optics Reliance
Modern technology has made many things easier…shooting can sometimes be one of them. For many, gone are the days of the basic iron sites many of us learned from. Now through the help of many different optics we can lock in using the help of their halos and dots. Much as we use glasses to mask the symptoms of worsening vision, so scopes further accentuate the issue our eyes have locking onto objects. While the use of glasses and optics can certainly help and is sometimes vital, we also want to fight the battle for visual accuracy from all fronts. This includes using nutrition to support the macular pigment in our eyes from the inside out. Nutritional support may allow improvements to our aim that can give us the edge we're always seeking! This nutritional strengthening process can either help prevent our reliance on optics or further accentuate their effectiveness.
What can OPTIMIS7™ do for you?
OPTIMIS7™ has the potential to dramatically alter the health of your eyes and the results you achieve.*
Nutrients for Eye Health*
Your eyes need proper nutrition to be at their best*
OPTIMIS7™ provides you with nutrients associated with certain visual functions like contrast sensitivity, depth perception and photostress recovery.*
Blue Light Filter*
Acts like internal sunglasses for a tactical advantage*
Harmful blue light can cloud the crystalline structure in the lens of the eye. It can also hasten the aging process of cells inside the retina and macula.
Antioxidant Support*
For staying power and professional longevity*
Bilberry and grape seed extracts, provide antioxidant support that may help reduce damaging oxidative stress associated with aging of the eyes.*
Continue Doing What You Love to Do
Nutrition is often the most neglected component of eye health. Most people don’t even see nutrition as having anything to do with healthy eyesight. It is a major reason why some professionals get old before their time.
OPTIMIS7™ contains eye
health ingredients that your drug store
and AREDS brands doesn't have.
OPTIMIS7™ has the potential to dramatically alter the health of your eyes and the results you achieve.*
Vitamin B2
Contributes to maintenance of normal healthy vision*
Vitamin B2 is important for eye health. According to the University of Michigan, this vitamin is needed to protect glutathione, which is an important antioxidant in the eye.*
Bilberry Extract
A legendary ingredient with an interesting backstory
Bilberry for eye health dates back to the legend of WWII Royal Air Force pilots spreading bilberry jam on their toast in an effort to support their night vision during air raids.*
Grape Seed Extract
Polyphenols for anti-inflammatory properties*
Not only great for the eyes, polyphenols found in grape seed extract have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to support other parts of the body including the heart, bones, brain, liver and kidneys.*
Here's why you need OPTIMIS7™!
One small tablet a day makes a big difference.
Professional Preferred
OPTIMIS7™ is used by AMEs, Professional Pilots, LEOs, and Competitive Shooters worldwide.
Backed by Science
OPTIMIS7™ has ingredients that have been researched and validated as being beneficial to eye health.*
100% Complete Transparency
OPTIMIS7™ lists actual doses of all the key ingredients. It doesn’t hide what's in the product using proprietary formula blends.
Gluten-Free and Easy-to-Swallow
OPTIMIS7™ is a comprehensive, gluten-free formula in one easy to swallow and dissolve tablet for maximum absorption.
A Concerning Statistic
78% percent of the U.S. population has less than optimal macular pigment.
Proudly Formulated and Manufactured
in the United States
In 2003 we began supporting law enforcement officers, competitive shooters, hunters and hunting guides in supporting and maintaining their healthy eyesight. In 2005 we began serving the aviation industry and now pilots everywhere count on OPTIMIS7™ to help them maintain healthy eyesight as well. Professionals who rely on their vision to succeed trust OPTIMIS7™.
Almost two decades and 30,000 customers later, we continue to serve the shooting and aviation communities.

We are headquartered in Bellingham, Washington. Our corner of the Pacific Northwest is a great place to hunt and fly!
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Our Mission
Our goal is to help the aviation, law enforcement, hunting and competitive shooting communities get the eye health products they need so that they can continue doing what they love for as long as possible.