Below are just a few of the thousands of satisfied
customers we’re proud to have served
since 2003.
Robert Vogel
Professional Marksman, World Champion Shooter
St. Marys, OH
“As a competitive combat handgun shooter I need excellent speed of vision that allows me to scan a field of targets and make fast, accurate shots. A few seconds time over a full day of shooting can be the difference between victory and second place. Claroxan® gives me an edge when it comes to long range focus and visual acuity.* I’ve also benefited from improved low-light vision.* I’ve won the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championships nine years running, in part because Claroxan® helps me make rapid, precise shots in the dim indoor lighting.*”
Gregory Jones
Helicopter Flight Instructor
Augusta, GA
“When I reached my 40’s I noticed a slight decline in my vision. I found myself asking questions such as; 'Why does this print look blurry?' One day I saw an ad in AOPA for Claroxan® and decided to try it. I was surprised.

My right eye is weaker than my left eye and before taking Claroxan® my Snellen Chart reading was 20/40 unaided. Now, when I am well rested, I am reading at 20/25.* Another thing I have noticed since starting Claroxan® is that my glasses were coming out of focus and blurry.* It was because my vision had improved so much that I had to get my prescription reduced to use them. Also, I have been able to clearly read the small print on my Motorola Xoom, which was not the case before I started my daily Claroxan® regimen.*”
Randy McCoy
Certified Flight Instructor
Winnemucca, NV
“My eyesight was deteriorating and I was worried that it would affect my flying ability. For the past three eye exams my vision has improved every year!* My eye doctor is amazed at the improvement happening given my age. In March, I went for my flight physical and came very close to not having to wear corrective lenses at all. If my eyesight continues to improve at this rate, I could be glasses free.* My wife, also a glasses wearing pilot, is now taking Claroxan® because she has seen the improvement in my sight.*”
Brian DuQuesnay
FITASC World Champion
Southwest Ranches, FL
“I shoot competitively and I am always looking for a competitive edge. I am one of the top ten veteran shooters in the USA and am a member of TEAM USA in both FITASC and Sporting Clays. When you are called up to shoot, the conditions aren’t always perfect. We may have to shoot in cloudy, windy and rainy conditions, which is a lot tougher than a nice sunny day! It doesn’t matter if your eyes are watering; when it is your turn to shoot you have to be good to go.

Acute vision and hand-eye coordination are so important in Sporting Clays and FITASC. Claroxan® has helped me keep my eyes healthy and my vision strong.* It is basically a necessity to me at this level. I can attribute my success of strong, healthy vision to Claroxan®.* And, although I am a bit near-sighted, my prescription has changed nominally over the past five years!”
Fred Marashi
Instrument Rated Pilot, Commercial License
Kingwood, TX
“I had a little haziness, especially at night. It started about a year ago. I went to the doctor and found out that I had the onset of cataracts. That is when I decided to start taking Claroxan®. After about 4 weeks or so, I noticed driving home in the dark that my eyesight was clearer.* After taking Claroxan® for four months the cloudiness was gone.*”
Jim Jamison
The Gunfitter, 1989 National Champion
Denver, CO
“A few years ago, I started to experience difficulty seeing objects in the 25 to 45 yard range. It quickly developed into a major vision problem. Within weeks of starting the Claroxan® regimen, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my visual clarity, crispness and depth perception.* Claroxan® allows me to continue competing at a high level. I drive all around the country to attend shooting competitions. I put over 20,000 miles a year on my vehicle. I was starting to worry about driving at night, especially at dusk. Road signs were becoming very hard to read. Not long after starting on Claroxan®, my night vision returned, and I now drive at night with total confidence.* After I fit a gun for a customer, I recommend Claroxan® to them for an extra boost in their accuracy. Not only has it helped me get back to top form on the range, it has helped me feel much safer behind the wheel at night. It’s a perfect fit for my vision health.*”
Ed Nagle
Warbird Pilot
Whitehouse, NJ
“Claroxan is very helpful for me. My vision was always good, however a few years back I noticed slight changes and deterioration in my vision, which my doctor attributed to age and to be quite normal. Since then I have been on a daily dose of Claroxan that has slowed the degradation of my eyesight.* Your product is powerful and quite beneficial and I'll continue to use it as long as I can.”
Eugene Jankowski
SWAT Commander, Master Shooter, 3 Gun Champion
Batavia, NY
“I have been using Claroxan® for several years. I talked to my eye doctor about it and he says there is something to it. My eyesight is clear and sharp – when I put my shooting glasses on it is like HD Vision! As a pro competitive shooter seeing the sights clearly is a big advantage, especially indoors or in low light. My nutrition, training regimen and Claroxan® are the right mix to keep my vision strong.* Also, whenever my eyes are irritated I pop in some Optimis7™ drops and it clears them right up."
David Oakes
Private Pilot
Greenfield, IN
“I gave Claroxan® a try for a year and had a doctor’s appointment. My optometrist said that my eyes are in excellent condition and that my macula is smooth and straight.* Also, I have noticed better night vision when driving, greater acuteness and a reduction in halos and glare as well.* I have stayed on the product for years now and am happy with Claroxan®. I took the bottle in to my Optometrist, who was interested in my success and he looked at the ingredients and was quite impressed with the formula.”
Claude Kinard
IHMSA Champion
Graham, WA
“I saw an ad for Claroxan® in a hunting magazine and decided to give it a try. I had lasik over ten years ago and my eyes have been okay but I am 63 years old and they just don’t have the endurance that they used to. I ordered Claroxan® over the phone and got my order promptly.

I have only been using Claroxan® for six months and I have noticed my eyes don’t get tired as quickly as they used to.* I can go shoot or work on fine detail in the shop with out taking as many breaks. I even got my wife on Claroxan® too!”
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